Displaying the answer rating in q & amp; a when viewing all of my answers?

Asked byrajiv tyagi

Rating of the answer to the question is not displayed when viewing through% username% .habrahabr.ru / qa / answers /. Is it so conceived or simply forgot to do?


palma boroka
It would be nice to show comments on comments. And now they are not visible at all from their page.
And it would be good to have an arbitrarily large nesting for comments, as in ordinary ones. - adria
erin ching
I think so conceived.

Here stands the bottom answer 8 - is this a good answer or a bad one? Maybe a good 40, and this - so-so, just a frequent topic and voted a lot?

With comments there was no this moment of comparison, therefore for them the display of the rating divorced from reality is justified.
if the answer is 8, then it is at least not bad. I think, according to such lists it would be possible to estimate a person quite well. - karen mccarthy
Im just lazy, I guess. I do not understand why you can not see the reyng your answers and add a comment to the answer to your favorites!
I agree, sometimes not the whole branch is valuable, as one comment. - matthew woolsey
denise jardine
question in the topic: is the rating of questions and answers taken into account when calculating the rating of a habrachelovek?
No. - kelly flanigan
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