Where can I find literate books and programming documentation for Android?

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Most books quickly become outdated and readers themselves do not recommend them. Wherever you read something in Russian.


deirdre demers
Here - developer.android.com/guide/index.html
ps there is really the best documentation, but there is still a book behind it, you can knock on me in PM.
violette malan
In English - Pro Android 2. There is also link. I bought it yesterday, so for now I will not say anything about quality.
How to look - be sure to tell. - paul kec
Reviews of this book is not positive. - kim p
I have not seen reviews yet. What looked inside. The chapter on the SDK and where to start, on the application device, several chapters on the user interface and widgets, the chapter on working with SQLite, at the end of the short chapters on working with graphics and animation. There are a lot of code examples and a disk in addition. In general, for beginners. - kat i e
is the best book, well, also reto mayer. two best books on anroid at the moment - ahmad shnewer
Well, that's it, now they will write here all the “banned” on google.com
painfully pricked - forest
lindy thomas
There is such a link for Android.
sara bafte
Good book Reto Meier / Professional Android ™ Application Development. But the truth is in English. I know in Russian there is an andbook with unprofessional translation from w3bsit3-dns.com - but this is of course quite the first steps, which can be read on the same ibm developerworks.
I do not agree, to say the least, a strange book. - amari
For me, the bluetooth section turned out to be the most valuable information, with examples and explanations, quite intelligibly. - gaurang tank
IMHO the book is not the best, that the first thing is the second edition - sally calentine
You can still read


well, stackoverflow

In general, lately, when I have a question how to implement something - I just write in Google “android how to ....” and almost always find a post either in the forum, or Google group or the like. with a similar question.
First - the documentation from the official site. So many well-written articles.

Here are the books I would recommend:
 Pro Android 2
 Hello, Android
 Pro Android Games

And the video from Google I/O 2010
gary bendell
haley richardson
In Russian there is nothing good and it is unlikely to be, I think.
In English from the books - Pro Android 2, from sites - stackoverflow.com
ashley mckay
It is strange that no one mentioned the beautiful commonsware.com/ (eng.)
I subscribed to all three books a year ago and they helped me a lot. Written in accessible language and addressed specifically to "busy" developers who have no time to read a bunch of "water." And they are saved from obsolescence by the fact that they are constantly being updated and new versions of books are being released, both with the advent of new versions of Android and after corrections or modifications. Very comfortably.
A lot of books and constantly updated link.
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