Question about archiving for backup

Asked byrjk211

All documents are archived in 7z without compression, but with a password and with the hiding of file names.

Tell me if there is any sense in the password because the data is not compressed, but simply glued together one by one, and I think they will probably be pulled out of such an archive.


leah culver
Encryption is secure. The data is specially packaged so that without a password they are not there. they cannot be got. The password becomes like a piece of the archive, and when you enter it all together you can unpack it. In short, do not worry, archive and encryption are different things and encryption works well without archiving.
Setting a password in 7z leads to encryption. - amirhm
fara sub7i
Ie do you have such a variation on tar + gpg)?

In general, it is not clear what the question is. Put a question mark somewhere, so that people understand what they are asking.
I do not understand how one is connected to another?
There is a small sense in the password, just if someone gets access to the hardware, then naturally it will find the password.
Encryption in 7zip is not associated with archiving.
You can check by creating a small file, and archive it without compression with a password, then open the resulting archive with a notepad.
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