Shift + Delete on Mac OS X

Asked bybryan chapman

We all probably know that on Windows, pressing shift + delete deletes a file, bypassing the basket.

I wonder how this is done in OS X?

We all probably know that in Windows, when you press shift + delete, the file is deleted, bypassing the recycle bin.

I wonder how this is done in OS X?

Is it possible to turn off the cart completely "in the pool"? - j


cori atkins
command + option + backspase
There are no system analogues of this.

It is likely that this can be fixed with software or write applescript (zabindiv it to the desired shortcut)
garang kuel
Even in the backspace search box does not return back.
If this is not sarcasm, then back to Mac OS is cmd + [

And backspace in windows is not at all back, it is an analogue of cmd + up, and back will be alt + left - marcelle karp
kelli rose
This is done exclusively through the creation of an apple script service.

All shortcuts by the way are in the system help.
jodi church - for example, such a macro. Erases files bypassing kozin.
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