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How good is it as a replacement for standard hosting (server rental)? In terms of the actual cost of output, and performance in the work? Can I get guaranteed resources comparable to a dedicated server?
If you have experience in deploying large projects, I will be very happy to hear feedback.


corina smith
EC2 is only interesting if you need to raise many of the same type of servers or vary their number depending on the load. For a single server, it is still a little expensive. Yes, and small instances are not said to be very nimble. VPS, similar in performance and quality, will be obviously cheaper (I recommend linode)
The feature of EC2 is that other Amazon services such as S3, SimpleDB, Simple Queue and others will work with it faster. If you store data in SDB, files in S3, messages in SQS, then it’s best to send / receive them from the EC2 instance, since Amazon's data exchange speed is very high.
In general, EC2 is expensive, and its instances are not protected from falls. At the same time, ALL data is irretrievably lost. Therefore, to use EC2 add the use of the virtual disk service (mount), from which you will constantly be backed up to S3. Do you feel? One service pulls the others. And you have to choose whether to switch to the Amazon cloud completely or look for alternatives.
As it was already written above, I would also recommend linode.
EC2 is convenient when you need to run a large project. Pre-configured servers run in a couple of minutes.
There is also a functional shell RightScale, which allows you to logically group servers, assign roles, create templates and bind boot scripts to each server. It is also possible to do autoscaling in a short time. Depending on the load, new servers will start automatically.

If you need to run a couple of servers, then is your case.

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yuan ming
Think about this. And if a small ddos?
You will pay for the channel and for the volume and the load for the full program.
As an experiment, I started there. Debian looked around and realized that it was not clear why this could be used so that it wasn’t very expensive, and sometimes without ddos ​​the process would hang and eat your cashies.
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