How to make a disk partition image for free?

Asked byastha

I want to make an image / backup of the system partition with windows 7, but something I can not find a free utility, but I do not want to buy Acronis and others for one time.

Please advise if such free software exists.


jasmine spacher
dd on live cd with any linux - clumsy, but works
vivian horvath
Answers tin ...
Pure creation \ deployment of images
All at once
Well, in general, the Windows itself is able. This is called "Backup and Restore."
iris cox
For the future - DriveImageXML, for non-commercial use is free
Thank you! - pirayeh
And by the way, yes, in Win7 there is a very reasonable built-in archiver (Pro version and higher) - denise o hagan
Thanks, I will try. - dan hahn
melissa goodyer
Thank you all!
If you need to make an image of a home computer, then why not use the acronym. If for any computer at work, the use of any free product with a label for non-commercial use is no longer a rental, because they are free for home use only.
Well 928r. I do not want to spend, but do not use the pirated I try fundamentally. Moreover, so many options have been found :) - regina bolding
in your home is also all face-to-face?) - mark r
is more free, just, but the main point is Windows, office. - lyric
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