Keyboard shortcut in mc: show / hide hidden files [SOLVED]?

Asked bymohammad sameni

Prompt a keyboard shortcut (or a way to create it) to hide / display hidden files in mc. And I’ll tell you for this that the “file search” dialog can be called by pressing shift + alt +? (and the menu says M +?).


karen henderson
It seems like "Alt +."
sorry, maybe not, see also: - dani s
yes, Meta +.
but it works, it seems, only in 4.7+ - tarren
It worked for me. MC 4.7.2
My stuff is a bit dated. Suitable for those who have older versions. - george khoury
maureen clark
Here guys talked about this:

I will translate briefly:
There is no standard way but you can make a simple C program that will press F9 O C Alt-H, for this tutorial:
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