VOIP GSM gateway from 3G modem, who has experience?

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Somewhere, I once heard that there is an opportunity to make a GSM gateway from a 3G USB modem and make friends with Asterisk.
I saw a solution for Windows and Huawei E1550, but I wonder if there is something similar for other models from this manufacturer, and even for Linux, and if possible, for free?



brian prentiss
Judging from https://www.makhutov.org/svn/chan_datacard/trunk/README.txt it works with E1550.
But the article on the setting: asteriskforum.ru/viewtopic.php?p=38275
It seems to fit the conditions:

Please use a recent Linux kernel, 2.6.33+ recommended.
If you use FreeBSD, 8.0+ recommended.

This channel driver should work with the folowing UMTS cards:
* Huawei K3715
* Huawei E169 / K3520
* Huawei E1550

UMTS cards:
* Huawei E160 / K3565 - jesica oster
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