How to be constantly logged in to habre?

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I have an opera from ubunt. When you close the browser, Habra forgets me. I would not mind using autologin opera, but it does not work. Habra requests to enter captcha. It would be great if the captcha were not checked at the first password entry. And even better if the authorization would not be lost. The only 3 Internet sites where I lost authorization: Habra, classmates and district connection.

Authorization flies when it closes, or after that on Habr visits from another browser / computer are made? - joya
Clarification. This is not only with opera, Fox is also so sinful. And not only with Habr, I have this and with FB.
I think it’s just that the cookies expire and that’s it, but with the captcha it’s yes, something has to be done ...
* dreaming *
it is necessary to complicate it so that only after writing the program it can be unraveled ... I think whiners would diminish immediately, and the posts about the necessary would increase))) - einar albert


include cookies, Luke!
very funny - julie neill
turn on the hatches, Cook! - mina fanous
do not go out with a habr
Сhrome 5, Vista, cookies are enabled and passwords are memorized - authorization is not lost. Try chrome in ubunt.
Lost, but not immediately. If the week does not visit is reset. - gary peterson
chrome after recent investigations went to the forest! - charlie kirchoff
can be more about the investigations? - jimob3
yes zhesh it - olivia audoma
ntensibe joseph
A natural example of how a habr cookie dies: 13 hours ago my last comment, after that I did not close the habr page, did not close the opera, but simply left the laptop on and went away on business. Judging by the Putty connection, the Internet has not been interrupted in all this time. Habr cookies still hang, but Habr no longer accepts them. I can’t imagine what to sin, except for the mysterious feature of the opera with specific settings.
Oh, he lied, not 13, but 10 hours ago. By the way, I now have 5 am, and not 2 nights, as Habr shows. - sonya brown
I had this in the opera too. Try to upgrade.
Duc the freshest operas I use - fleegan
roy macaraig
Exactly the same problem in the opera under Win7. Cookies fall off a couple of hours after the tab is closed with Habr (I never close the opera at all). And such rubbish all day for several months, updating and reinstalling do not help.
Well, at least I'm not alone. but still we are a minority. some kind of shit. but you can't ask admins to cancel captcha check for my account so that at least alt + enter can be used? - eileen griffin
angela parkhurst
Cookies, cookies. Check memorization options.
yes I tried it all already :( - nightshade
I have Opera 10.61 on Xubuntu 10.04 - the flight is normal regardless of the input from other browsers. Global clearing of cache stories does not seem to help?
maureen clark
And you can also clear the existing cookies.
jessica smiddy
Could it be that you are somewhere else in a \ browser login?
In another place, I meant from another computer. - jab bullough
at the start of the opera are loaded several tabs with habr (articles that so far have no time to read)
nowhere else in the habr do not go - nigel
Check proxy to heap ...
and more, can there somehow somehow a private tab open? and she always has empty cookies. - jothi
Private tabs are not empty, but separate cookies. - cynthia o kelly
I have no proxies
I go out of the house, my IP is white and it changes very rarely - lauren saft
ian goodnow
Firefox + Win7, Firefox + 2008R2, Firefox + MacOS, Opera Mini + Android, built-in android browser. Nothing flies anywhere.
Why do you write that you have no such problem? - darth vix
denese ganley
There was such a problem. After reinstalling the opera completely, gone.
but does not help me: ( - sarah zinn
jean west
Ubuntu + firefox authorization also falls off :(
Similarly on win7 / firefox. I’m leaving 1-2 computers.

For myself, I solved the problem very simply - I keep a link in Favorite, by which you can immediately go in and log in, without entering a password.
oh, but why didn’t the link here? I'll replace it in the speed dial. (estessno without a real password login :)) - shylie
And what to bring it - it is all the same for everyone! It is contained in the replies to the comments received by mail from Habr - look at the link "Reply" in such a letter. - beverley marriott - tremayne moore
is this one? - farzad
yes - david james
does not work :( - josh sands
eve bender
Check that in Opera Settings & gt; Preferences & gt; Advanced & gt; Cookies are worth Accept cookies, not Accept only cookies from the site I visit.
is the second. and it will not affect the safety of the rest of the Internet? and why does habr do it? do they have an authorization module on another domain? - ahmed fahmy
It does not affect, by default Accept cookies should be. - sesh
stephanie o hanlon
So, it’s not my problem alone. This is an opera problem as far as I understood.
I solved this problem by rolling back to version 10.54. Errors in the storage of cookies are also observed in version 10.60
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