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Asked bytrevor bradley

We have a corporate mail done in Gmail, a mail address, respectively, the name @ company - can this mail be connected to the rest of Google accounts through multiple sign-ins?
Just trying to enter through the login form to the account did not give the result.


In the admin area of ​​our corporate email on Google - not a word about it. I doubt that Google would allow such integration without including such an option there: after all, corporate mail was specially created as a thing in itself, separate calendars, separate docks ...
thanks, I was still hoping suddenly that I didn’t - sarah stone
aya katz
My GooglePost is linked to my personal domain. And I am registered in Google accounts (for example, I use YouTube) by this e-mail (it is my login). It seems that there are no settings in the admin panel on this score. However, I do not have a corporate subscription, and private free.
You can register services available for this domain in the admin account of the main account in the free (I don’t know how in the corporate) domain.
I use in parallel 2 account apps tied to a regular google account. I do not understand what problems you have. They do not interfere with each other at all.
When using OAuth, you are prompted to choose which account to use.
Tell me how to tie an existing apps account to a regular google account? - jerome
I login under my Google account, then open apps-gmail and login there under apps-account. No conflicts arise. I did not have to tie them to each other. - june tan
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