Using e-books in the winter and in other bad weather

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Winter is coming, and I decided to buy a reading room, but nowhere can I find the answer to my question:

What restrictions does the weather use in public transport? That is, to “minus how many” degrees she can still use, say, on the bus, and after how many are better left at home? In other words, which temperature plug is considered to be electronic for working paper?

It seems to be clearly formulated.


A reader in general is better not to drag anywhere from home, the screen is very fragile, just press your finger to crack it harder, and a new one will cost at least half of a new reader. So, it is better to forget about public transport immediately, if you don’t want to give out 5000r for a new glass. The thickness of the screen poketbuka 301 for example 0.5mm, spit count and break. So only careful storage at home.
always thought that the reading rooms are needed in order to read the subway / train / train / bus - kim olson
I think that faster li-ion batteries will begin to lag with a small minus.
it seems, electronic paper and battery are different things) - molly grube
Cap, you're in shock. Now I will stay in your place: the reader is not entirely made of electronic paper, no matter how strange it may sound, I assumed that the e-ink would fail later than the battery ... - garrett morris
clarissa militante
For different types of paper, the figures are slightly different, but are generally close. On the example iRex:
Operating temperature
5 - 35 C
Storage temperature
-10 - 45 C
heather currie markle
Yuzal PocketBook? at -20 I became blunt, I bought a book later, it is more reliable.
This is not a question, I apologize. - kessie
Last winter, at about minus 25, my Pocket Book died, and it came to life only after two days in the heat. Above -25 reading problems in the subway was not worn in a jacket.
fye haslonglastname
In PocketBook, the main problems are not with the screen or the battery, but with the condensate inside, which can kill chips. I think it completely applies to other readers. Symptoms appear after a couple of weeks or a month after several cycles of "cooling - sudden heat".
In practice, this means that you can read in the subway, but in the middle of the escalator, it is better to put the book in a warm backpack. - jon skeggi
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