Open-source time-tracker like oDesk

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Are there open-time time-trackers similar in functionality to tracker from oDesk?
Those. time tracking in real time, setting tasks, grouping all the results on the server. Screenshots would be a plus.
Such a thing would be useful to many distributed teams.


javier de obeso
Unfortunately, I will not tell you the open-source options. From existing analogs one time used. - For more than 1 user and more than 1 project paid. The main plus is the client under linux.
and not oupensurs or even paid? - andrii
Usability, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired - rich flammer
hanh pham
Found a suitable alternative -
It is possible to manage the time tracker through the web interface, and with the help of clients under Win, Max, Lin, iPhone, Droid!

What I liked - when I started the time counter for the task in the browser, then closing the browser and working with the “desktop” version - the counter continued to count as soon as the desktop client connected to the network. Moreover, the countdown is performed on the server side, which means that there is no binding to any device.
Aha, I use it myself. The only negative - it does not pull screenshots.
By the way, hint - the middle mouse button on the tray icon starts / stops the timer. - matthew shoe
And yes, the desktop client sources are on the lunchpad. - blazenka
without screenshots in general there is no point for me :( somehow I asked myself, they sent me to the search in Habr, but I didn’t find it, I probably didn’t search for it - emily brown
Amdy, if you suddenly find it, put a link here. =) - schabaani
benefit, it has pros - dobime
If there is enough material. Although the article will attract more attention.
Amdy, you will write an article, throw off the link here :) - jessica gregory
erica glass
Hint. Register for a free account at, send an email to [email protected] indicating your username and request to become a beta tester and get a commercial account with offline time and users.
softwareteam, thank you. Upgrade to a paid account small. :) - priesnanda
I myself was looking for the search, I looked at the suggestions above and I stopped at the one I found, of course, there may not be an open course, but with screenshots, the free version to two partners and the paid is not expensive screenshot: open-source
In my opinion - a great option! :) - ginny
And for the money is not particularly expensive! - danielboss
aarti yadav
, and so, here’s a list:
164 time tracker. And this is not all existing. As a freelance programmer, I use the primaERP Time Tracking Time Tracker
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