Missing key from the debian backports. Where to looking for?

Asked bycharlotte phillips

This morning received:

# wget -O - backports.org/debian/archive.key

- 2010-09-06 08: 34: 37-- backports.org/debian/archive.key

Resolving backports.org…

Connecting to backports.org | |: 80… connected.

HTTP request sent, awaiting response ... 404 Not Found

2010-09-06 08:34:37 ​​ERROR 404: Not Found.

Although this is the address link. Nobody knows where to get this file now?


istv n
Apparently, while the method is working quite well
apt-get install debian-backports-keyring
elizabeth sumner
By the way, backports.org was transferred to the official category and moved to backports.debian.org
Yes, thank you, I figured it out :) Apparently, now the key is used the same as that of the main debian repositories. - laura pichierri
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