advise javascript calendar

Asked bymegan thurman

of the requirements:

 - Easy navigation
 - The week should start on Monday
 - Russian language
 - It is desirable that the date is not inserted into the entry, and clicking on the date sent POST

I was looking for file dumps, did not find anything suitable :(


heba shaker
Look can helps. I do not know how about immediately in the POST, maybe there is, but I have it inserted into teksedit.
Just in case, I will mention that the first three requirements are implemented (convenience is true for taste and color, but navigation is standard). - jessica fure
Thank you, like what you need. I think to make the entry hidden and add a “see” button, since I can't do POST right away. - karan rajpal
And in general I decided to do without POST. I found a dateInfo token on this calendar, now I’ll just load information about busy and free days with the page. - jon bernstein
Try the calendar from jQuery UI, everything you wrote can be configured without problems -
maeve stoltz
For example, link and link. Requirements are a subjective thing, so - choose, the options are all convenient and beautiful in their own way.
sallyann van leeuwen
Easily customizable for any needs. I have been using it for a long time in my projects.
kassie siwo gasa
The best I've ever seen is
scott wessman
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