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Asked byalbert enriquez

When is the use of such databases as MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis and some others justified?

Does it make sense to put them instead of the classic mysql, on a site with a weak load?

Are they used in conjunction with mysql, or work separately?


kacee albert
We have a huge distributed project. Users, roles, various metadata - in mysql, everything else - in couchdb.
Live very well.
CouchDB views allow you to make the application incredibly flexible, without spending time thinking through complex internal connections, creating composite indexes in the database, etc.
And due to very convenient admin tools (amazing web admin) and master-master replication, in 20 minutes we connect an additional server to the system (100+ requests per second, several gigabytes of data, 2 servers).
and how does the Couch & lt; - & gt; Mysql?

just like these are different tables, with the user_id shared key? - matt hempey
Yes, and in another subproject for each user there is a set of data in their database, couchdb, where the tasks are set so that it is very convenient. In general, there is nothing wrong with using several means at once; all you need is to approach their choice wisely. - hanh pham
Redis, by the way, is used here as a pub / sub for notifications of the components of the application about various events. - umer islam
yuan ming
IMHO damp yet, on sites with a weak load, in principle, you can, purely out of interest, dig deeper, imbued with the concept.
Why do you think that damp? - cj dainton
because he heard it in kamentah on Habré. - charlyn
fredrik borchsenius
link is exactly what you want to know.
As a CouchDB user, I would say that:
1) Justified when you can not accurately determine the structure of the data in advance, or the structure will often change;
2) Has, if your data fits well on the documentary tree-like storage system.
3) I did not encounter the fact that two SQL and NoSQL systems were involved at the same time. But this does not mean that it is impossible. It will just be hard for you to think in two different directions at once.
soo mi park
Use MongoDB. Much easier and faster than SQL.
it all depends on the tasks. - lisa horton williams
and on stability? Is there no chance of losing some data in case of failure? - dana kaechele
although there is always a chance to lose something, I'm talking about stability compared to mysql - thom
hmm ... changes are not added to the database immediately, but periodically, the period is set depending on the needs, someone has a minute or so of someone else. it is theoretically possible to lose changes that were in RAM if the process collapsed before recording. I personally did not observe this for Mongo. I often have a node that works with it, and then because I experiment on it a lot. - cecilie bonderup
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