How on Android to disable one of the accounts in google?

Asked bycharul mohta

I have mail and gtolk on the domain - they are basic and spelled out in android. but a standard gmail account is also needed, there are more features. However, when I add a regular Google account with my second account, I always find myself online on both sites, although I have been using only those on a domain for a long time. How to disable?


Alternate client allows you to use religion? I have two google accounts, I use Meebo and I don’t like it! :)
paula wissmann
an alternative option - disable gtalk on the domain
stupidity. Why did I start a gtolk on a domain - in order to disconnect it and retrain everybody that I have an old address with a standard mail? very clever - jean israel
well, I apologize - I read it twice, but I still thought that you need to turn off the domain.
And the standard gmail'ovskiy can not be permanently disabled? do you have android 2.2? - erik
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