Limit the speed to perform certain external requests?

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Suppose there is a multiplayer engine, some parts of which can parse something from outside at the user's command. I would like to limit the speed of some external requests for some users.


Interested in using what server technologies can this be implemented - perhaps through nginx or apache or unix utilities, how can certain requests be limited? Or do you need to pass such requests through the samopisny utility and there, at the system level, cut off the speed? How to do it better? Add something not a problem, I would like to understand the theory. The task, I think, is clear.

The architecture of the web application is now thought out, so in what interpreted language the engine will be written, I think it does not matter. For now, let's say PHP.

For links on the topic, too, I will be very grateful.


And what technologies will be used? Just now I do not understand what can be answered here. Or do you want an example of an architecture that fulfills this requirement? - a


The question is not very clear, I will try to telepath :) :)
You probably have fixed speed gradations:
user with role A - speed 100Kb
user with role B - speed 200Kb

If so, then you can use a set of local proxies, each of which will have a limit on the download speed. Squid for example it allows.
Thus, users with role A will use proxy A, users with role B, respectively, proxy B. - lemmy
A little more squid - it allows you to set a speed limit depending on the request header, so it’s even easier to send some kind of custom header identifying the user. - tanya jeffers
Thank you. In general, everything is simple. I will dig in the direction of the Squid :) - mario nicholas
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