What is the best way to transfer users from AD to openLDAP?

Asked bykarin reffner

Active Directory Domain Controller is available (domain compatible with windows 2000).

Users - 150+ accounts, Groups - 20

The task is to transfer entries to openLDAP.

What can this be done with?

P.S. Hands for a long time, but through LDIFs I would not want to either (in AD LDHs there is a lot of unnecessary stuff).


adrian ghi
Look at the article freesource.info/wiki/DmitriyKruglikov/Raznoe/AD2LDAP
Once he made and wrote notes along the way.
Maybe it will help or suggest something ...
Only the right one is unloaded in LDIF ...
Therefore, loading is easier ...
I transferred 85 records like this ...
I think, 150+ will fly, already croak;) - missy kee
only sourceforge.net/projects/w2lmt/files/ sourceforge.net/projects/openldap-ma/ are immediately recollected, but this is not particularly fresh, + - mammoth feces.
dkr6, thanks. I will use the script given in the article.
Ta is not for that :)
There will be questions, knocking in a personal ... - anadi
mohammed el daly
First, you export the objects from AD to a file using the csvde or ldifde utilities (and you can unload objects and their attributes, not all, but necessary ones).
Then you import objects from a file into OpenLDAP, for example, using the slapadd utility.
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