How to return http: // to the address bar in chrome 6?

Asked bybethany winston

Actually, the subject.


dawn rizzi
Apparently nothing. However, this is not very necessary, when copying a link from the address bar, http: // appears when pasting. Maybe then return, but now it is not possible to do.
Good. Just how now to copy the domain name WITHOUT ? For example, to make from the command line ping, nslookup, etc.? - kaylyn johnstone
No http meant - morbidgypsy
I do not know, most likely in any way. Although there may be some expansion, but it is unlikely - herschel stratego
httpS will be displayed, and either green or red, and if it is not protected http, then it is not shown, since there is no need for it!
I would http: //. - bexytea
Anyway this ain't gonna change, folks, so quit whining.
As far as I know, no way. Not in the options, and no extensions ...
marcie delacruz
http: // in the address bar I personally need for TimeManic, you can think of other options. If someone has experience, is it possible to write an extension or cannot be chemized with the address bar?
Chrome does not get to the address bar. - melissa cavanaugh
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