The best way to organize GeoIP on the site?

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Yes, and in fact there are a lot of questions on this topic:
Why the web giants do not provide any API for everyone? (if they do, I would appreciate links)
How reliable is this method of determining the user's position at the moment?
Are there any other ways of geolocation on the site? (we do not take into account the self-evident "Point by yourself" and a very young opportunity to ask the browser)
Can you trust HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE if you only need to divide the site into a couple of languages?


cheng calano
2. Depends on the relevance of the base of your chosen service

4. You can, but still allow the user to change the site language

For one of my latest projects, I used -, a fairly accurate and up-to-date base, screwed up caching to reduce the number of requests and while it works like a clock.
& gt; 2. Depends on the relevance of the base of the chosen service
Is there a mechanism for the flow of IP pools from one location to another?
How realistic does this often happen?

& gt;
Did you check the correctness of the definition? Not exactly buggy, does not send Muscovites to Syktyvkar, if only sometimes? From my own experience I noticed, having tried a number of different services, that no, no, yes, and there are such unpleasant failures. - ken cleary
& gt; And is there a mechanism for the flow of IP pools from one location to another?
Well, my provider recently purchased a new pool of IP addresses and for quite a long time almost all services showed that I was in the States.
& gt; Was the definition correct?
Tested on an experimental group of 10 people from different regions of Russia and Ukraine. - rob krueger
They can also merge this base, and use it locally - lalita
. I came up with a search for this question.
I became interested in (according to the description of the API it seems to be convenient), checked my IP and threw a link to three comrades. The result is amazing: 4 errors out of 4. Accuracy is zero percent.
Did you really use this base in a real project? Or is it their only trouble with Russia? - bethany whiteley
It was a long time ago :) But we used it to accurately determine the country of the user, the country it determined exactly. - blake boldt
cheryl madigan
Yes, I tried this thing - it's just the Javascript API, and for server, full GeoIP-needs, it is of little use. Unless to organize XHR interaction with sending to the server after determination, but the whole step will be lost. Well, yes, you can think of options, but in general - all the same crutches. - chad wolff
lynny I am using this service.
I tried. It is mistaken, and often can not say anything at all on the desired IP. - artweall
mohamed magdi
There are still Russian
But on Habré they wrote that he did not work - Ashmanov repented by moving.
dawn kavanagh Works only on Russia or CIS, and works with the world, but the answers will be in English.
We use both, if the first one doesn’t define the second, it’s obvious to us that the one who didn’t come from the CIS or Russia will understand the answer in English.
nathan wilson
In debianah there is a geoip-database package, and PHP binding, php-geoip package.
saw him, and how will he update there?
Whose base really yuzat? - anthony lavadera
I don’t know, honestly, probably collected by enthusiasts.
Good for having a system solution. - amanda meuwissen
karen andriolo
Enough (if not the most) extensive base at, though free of charge - only its small part. A subscription cost me $ 199, which in principle is not cheap, but for large projects where location accuracy is important, this is a good option.
mary vantilburg
Recently, the service has become buggy (in terms of a long hang when requesting this service, and so the search engines began to think that my site is not working), I had to look for a new solution. The only normal solution of free at the moment is
jeremy taber - it does determine the location.
Plus they have a very simple and convenient API.
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