Jabber-server and client?

Asked byabby wynne

Interested in installing a Jabber server and client in a corporate network (300-400 Windows XP users).

What you need from the server:

Installing on * nix-server
Mass adding users (for example, integration with MS Active Directory (does this happen?))
Save correspondence logs on the server

What you need from a client:

Easy installation (preferably transparent to users)
Organization of both multi-user chats and sending personal messages
Availability of multicast messages
Ability to transfer files < br />


OpenFire - almost a thousand users now feel great, you can write your own plugins yourself or based on those already written.
A good solution for those who do not know Erlang.
Really better than OpenFire, I just don’t know anything.
It probably has about 4-5 years.
aina marie
probably ejabberd and pidgin, nothing better came up with anything :)
jodi sh
Openfire Server
Spark / Psi
Thanks for the reminder about OpenFire, but they write that Spark is a brake because of Java. - okiedokie
If the fleet is relatively fast, then the spark works pretty well. If resources do not allow to pull, then it is better to refuse this option. According to the experience of using Spark on a large number of machines - the reviews are quite positive. - sam whitcomb
Let's just say, not fast and loves memory, it is unlikely to interfere with the use. By the way, there is a built-in SIP phone, users will be able to call each other. There is also a Fastpath Web-chat, which can also be convenient. - yoselem
We have a bunch of OpenFire (server) and Spark (client for Windows machines), Kopete (client for Linux machines).

OpenFire despite its java base does not slow down.
OpenFire can interact with MySQL and other databases, as well as with LDAP (AD) for user authentication.

I have never seen anything like this in any other jabber server.
in ejabberd, all of the above is, at least ldap authentication, at least odbc, or at least through a self-made script interacting link. - donna
In ejabberd, everything is there, configured by hands through configs, in Openfire what is - configured via the web interface and very simple.
So choose. - helen michelle
valerie zink
Openfire as a server. No erlang need to know, convenient web-GUI.

Psi, Miranda (you can sharpen under the corporate identity, remove all unnecessary) or even the new Quip as a client so loved by some
jonathon lapak
The most simple for yuzverya and familiar client - QIP, for people who want flexibility - Miranda. Well, the rest - Psi, Pidgin, tkabber, etc. (for whom it is more convenient, let it use it)
From Jabber servers - Ejabberd.
david berger
tom samjana
there is also OpenFire and the spark client
brian byars
We have Openfire + Pidgin. Spark is heavy, and PSI seemed fast, but for some reason did not like the look.
Put Openfire, connected it to the domain. Users have loaded. Connecting Pidgin, you have to search for users manually. Those who found - are offline, although the admin panel shows that they are connected. C Miranda is the same situation. - devesh gupta
jeff berryman
I installed a jabber server on OpenFire on a not very fast computer as a server - 50 clients worked without problems, incl. private correspondence and several conferences.
Ejabberd (login, shared roster, VCards - all in LDAP, grouped by value from LDAP (important for me by city))
Any clients (I personally have Psi Plus or QutIM).
Web Modra (jwchat) is working.
No complaints.

Even notes on the server (Tested Psi Plus).
jen martin
when you put ejabberd think how well you know Erlang. I was also delighted in my time, everything worked, but once after the update, the ejabberd just stopped running. I corresponded with the support of the project, but it gave nothing.
You can always roll back to the running version ...
I had a similar situation when I did a bunch of LDAP.
But communication with Yevgeny Khramtsov gave a positive result.
Two days later there was a new module. Very well communicated.
And fruitful and pleasant. - cyrus
amna al kanderi
The taste and color, as they say, all the markers are different. I chose ejabberd as a server. And Gajim as a customer. If you need multiprotocol, then Pidgin or qutIM.
Gajim decided that I want to communicate more on LAN and he began to scan it having drunk off all the resources of the system, so the first thing to do is to turn off the business, but otherwise the client is nice. - vikram mohan
abhinav chugh
Pandion as a client, in corporate networks. Simple, easy. The latter is installed by default in the user profile and does not require permissions accordingly. You can manage through group policies.
heather latimer
Server: ejabberd. Open source, stable operation, integration with LDAP / AD, plug-ins, all the soul desires.

Client: Miranda IM. Open source, stability, plugins, customizability, customizability in a square, customizability in 9000th degree.
nicole draeger
Have a positive experience with Openfire. But about 300 clients I cannot prompt on speed - did not try. However, with an order of magnitude smaller number of clients, I testify - it works like a clock.
And it's really convenient to set up. Especially those who are not used to edit configs.
simona stoeva
Client: There are many different and imposing specific does not make much sense, because some clients have problems with the settings (it is not clear what and where), somewhere with the interface, something does not go under the linux system, something does not go under windows system, something works with bugs. Personally, I use qutim - it is cross platform, open, with a simple accessible and understandable interface, support for many protocols (although this is not necessary), but it has version 0.2 ... From clients for windows systems, this is Miranda and qip. As an option, you can provide a choice. and make a list of what can be used, with examples of configuration and examples of interfaces, and the staff will choose what is more pleasant for them, in this case there will be no complaints to you about the client. The choice is always good, especially in things that will always be used.
Server: I won’t say anything sensible, I’ll just say that something with the possibility of autonomous (without administrator participation) registration and stably working is quite enough.
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