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Asked byconnie jennings

The question was raised more than once and not twice, but it wasn’t found a sensible answer.

Wiki requires love with AD, visual markup editor, PHP + MySQL

I am looking in the direction of Dekiwiki, the only thing I haven’t figured out with is exporting to PDF, kryakozybly instead of Russian.


Confluence? true, it’s rather expensive = (
well, formally, it does not pass at the request of PHP, but generally I strongly advise. Vicky is really wonderful. - luis elorreaga
MediaWiki plus plugins LDAP and UsabilityInitiative.
Too it is heaped up, and as far as I remember there was some clever story with access rights there. - kim scarborough
tim partridge
We use Redmine, this is an issue tracker, and a wiki, and a whole lot more. Imho, more convenient than trac and others like them. Besides, domestic development; )
Although no, not domestic. This I lured. - jtabz
I also use it. Quite a good system. True, it took her half a day to install it into a subfolder and configure (well, I’m not the admin, and I’ve never come across ruby). - jennifer didik
traci dziatkowicz
use of the 2 - Trac and the MediaWiki
use now dokuwiki -by default, keeps everything in a file, bystronastraivaemaya rights system, a lot of plug-ins used to be
noemi mendez
samopisnye pieces, now generally moved away from web - onenote, disable shared on a network - easy and convenient.
at work is Trac, satisfied.
Also worked with pmwiki. Also quite usable system. - kelly gontar
We use MOSS - the Wiki is pretty nicely implemented there. The entire manual for use is placed on 1 screen. :)
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