How to compress a string in RFC 1951?

Asked byt tara turk haynes

Trying to write a client in java for my socket server in php. I use gzinflate / gzdeflate functions on the server. On the client, I used, but gzinflate scolds “data error”, and gzuncompress unpacks it with a bang. All day trying to find information on DEFLATE in java, but to no avail.

What should I use in order for gzinflate to unpack what I sent from the client?

It seems that Deflater in java uses the RFC 1950 protocol. - t


eric reeves
Create a Deflater with the parameters new Deflater (Deflater.DEFAULT_COMPRESSION, true)
Thank you. True, I will not try already. Made support for several compression algorithms on the server. - djdave
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