Intermediaries for purchase from the Apple Store in Hong Kong?

Asked bysarah rzewski

It's no secret that in Hong Kong the prices of the Apple Store differ significantly from the Russian ones. Has anyone tried to buy from there? Are Shipito intermediaries working there?


If someone gets here through Google like me, then Shipito has an office in Hong Kong.
And now the bench with the apple and shipito is covered, I don’t see any alternatives. - amanda miao
It has long been. There were clever men who received the goods challenged the transaction in their bank - surabhi purwar
And you can not order from Hong Kong directly to the shipito? Or very expensive?
Apple store sends only to the address in Hong Kong. Can a shipito provide it? Singapore seems to be there soon, but I don’t see Hong Kong. - kris h
Yes, yes, sorry, I am stupid ( - allan john dizon garcia
jeannene boyd
If you're talking about an iPhone 4. In Hong Kong, do they come with Wi-Fi? I remember it used to be a problem.
yes - tanisha daugaard
sue pratt
spent several days searching for such intermediaries. The only, perhaps, option is virtual office (now it can be issued almost anywhere in the world) with sending parcels, but I still haven't found normal prices and trustworthy offices.
yes, sellers sometimes come across on who promise to send a lot in 2-3 weeks (apparently from the Apple Store) and they even have positive reviews, but I personally didn’t risk it. - susan dietrich
Thanks for the reply. Yes, virtual office / po box is both in Hong Kong and in Singapore, but it's really expensive, it's easier to order from Canada directly from ebay than it is. And on ebay in Hong Kong more expensive than in the apple store. Those. again impractical. - sarah pepper
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