The organizer of affairs?

Asked bymuralidharan

I can’t find an organizer in any way (task scheduler / calendar / notes storage) that would suit me 100%.

The closest thing to my ideal organizer is the google calendar with synchronization with a mobile phone (syncML), not only link, but also tasks (google task) and notes (google notebook).

In other words, you need an organizer who can do the following (sorted in order of importance)
can synchronize contacts, tasks, meetings and notes by using syncML
Web interface (you can log in from any computer)
syncing contacts with Gmail
synchronizing tasks, notes and meetings with Google services or a widget for iGoogle
for complete happiness - a client for windows and linux

If it will be several services, each of which will provide a part of the possibilities, it will also suit.

So far I use Nokia - Mobical - Google, but they have not yet learned how to synchronize tasks and notes with google. Therefore, notes and tasks have to be created on their site.

Really like, but it costs money. Maybe someone knows something similar, but free ?: - a


watched, but they want money for synchronization with a mobile phone and other goodies - linka
I synchronize with android with RememberTheMilk through Astrid. Free of charge.
Plus podteknul integration into the Gnome and in the web interface gmail.

There are paid only native gadgets. And for each such task there are strangers, even better is - krystn
, but it is possible in more detail, otherwise I did not find something, it sounds tempting - vorpal
brooke romney
If instead of notes and tasks to use drafts of letters, letters marked with an asterisk, and events in the calendar, then the functionality of Google begins to be missed. What could be the disadvantage of this approach?
I don’t know, somehow I didn’t think of such an option, you need to try.
Possible disadvantages:
I would like it to be normal with synchronized with cases and notes in Nokia.
I already use asterisks for their intended purpose - I mark important letters. - sommer
there for developers and almost the opposite of what I wrote - there is no synchronization with Google, there is no syncML - gretchen kulas
alkhansaa alhakeem
I advise the online organizer -
deanna g
Nokia service -, contacts, notes, calendar are synchronized. There is a web interface.
I look they almost completely redid it, it became much more usable.
Tried to use before so the site was terribly slow. Plus, I killed a bug / flaw with the creation of a new task - the date for the task could be set up to a day, and in the alarm you could only select from the list of the type “in 5 minutes”, “in an hour”. As a result, reminders about the tasks were played both at one in the morning and at ten in the evening: ( - dana diaz
neil jeffery
Service from Nokia -, contacts, notes, calendar are synchronized. There is a web interface.
sandra b chernische
But first you need to dig into it for about 15 minutes to understand what's what, but then he starts to like it.
It satisfies almost all your requirements. Desktop clients are not yet, but they promise.
yes cool thing, if you have an iphone or android. and with the symbian it is not friendly: ( - ashlea
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