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Asked bychelsea hartman

Hello, Harbovchane. Recently, my browser began to fail somewhat: some pages are not opened the first time (the service page “Cannot display the page” appears, it is treated with refreshing (sometimes it helps immediately, sometimes 1-8 times)), it does not always load all the pictures from the site. Twitter example:

The problem is clearly not in the provider (since the Internet is stable, it works fine: it was checked on another computer), not in the browser (since I tried both chrome, and the fox, and IE8: there is a similar problem everywhere) and it is unlikely in the sites themselves (because the problem occurs too often and on very different resources).

The system (Windows XP SP3) has not yet been rearranged, I hope you can prompt something or at least push it in the right direction to solve the problem. Thank you in advance.

Disconnected all Avast screens - no result. - j


melody fowler
Antivirus, firewall or something similar installed? Maybe he just doesn’t have time to check and blocks unfamiliar traffic.
Windows tools are disabled. Antivirus - Avast latest version. - tha s
So unload it (in the menu, something like go out and stop the service) and check. - jeff alexander
brooke binkowski
There may be a problem with the antivirus ... especially if Dr Web is installed.
The problem is definitely in the channel. Options 2: either it is too narrow or overloaded.
Since there is no problem on another computer in the home network - the error can be localized:
1. Switch / Router settings home network. Try to just reset. Maybe your MAC / IP hit the ban list for flooding.
2. Damaged cable from Switch / Router to your computer. Try to call. Either a multimeter, or swap cables with another computer.
3. Network adapter on your computer. Either it is faulty or misconfigured. Reset the settings, change the MAC, put in another slot on the motherboard, swap adapters with another computer.
4. Load channel. Find special link and disable the demanding programs \ services.
5. The channel is blocked or restricted. Check your computer for viruses. Disable all firewalls, antiviruses, etc. link and try.
6. The OS is faulty. You can try to boot from the Live CD and check the quality of communication there.
If all else fails, the error is not with you. Perhaps your ip + mac is limited by the provider.
I have the same problem. Apparently dealing with the Belarusian Internet.
kristen boers
Disable the torrent :)
This is what I mean: - mciccare ciccarelli
Semi-open ports are worth about a hundred. And the problem is observed without torrents. - courtney andes
So this restriction on the router or on the router of the provider. - aloysius
The fact is that there is no such problem on another computer (standing from the next room). Yes, and I started it suddenly and not so long ago. - pam grainger
amit goyal
Apparently, some kind of program in the registry namut, trying to "tune" tcp / ip.
In safe mode with network driver loading, how does the browser work?

There is another idea where to dig - roll back the network card drivers to standard Windows. It may be that the manufacturer’s firewood is sucks working with SP3 or is in conflict with some kind of update.
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