Which editor to choose for drawing UML diagrams in Eclipse (helios)?

Asked bychristian fleschhut

From what I tried to use:

* uml2tools - not put

* papyrus - is set, but it works crookedly - for example, it is impossible to drag objects on the state diagram (they just disappear), it is extremely difficult to arrange arrows (associations, transitions)

What else can I try?

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hamideh iraj
I use autodia + dia. It is quite satisfied.
Shl he is not for eclipse but in general it seemed to me convenient. - erika sajdak
g nizi
try the Cadifra UML Editor
1) Not for eclipse (I want everything to be in one)
2) Paid - if you buy EA or VP for UML (they also have for eclipse, in a few minutes I’ll start looking) - protz
ann glenn
Judging by the screen very similar to papyrus. And how to put it through the Update Manager? - carrowgray
abby foley
IBM Rational Software Architect - very convenient in the framework of RUP.
Also trying to see, but already before the installation I strained (I put it through IBM Installation Manager):
1) The site is not for people - it’s probably impossible to find something for them, a more inconvenient and confusing structure (although this is just my opinion, it may be that everything is clear there)

2) When installing ask a bunch of data - why? It is not enough for them to register ... so they also collect random answers to questions ... As if there is some benefit from left emails and nonsense instead of answers.

3) It was not possible to expand the existing version of eclipse (there are not enough packages + some old ones - UpdateManager doesn’t find updates ...) you can only find out at the very end (where is the logic?)

After installing VP, the impressions are very negative - too many unnecessary actions. I'll see how it will be in the work. - will addis
Yes, IBM has this disadvantage - cumbersome and "corporate" in everything. IBM Installation Manager is awful, but RSA itself is worth the effort. - shane kirby
Put. launched ... and was disappointed - compared to the “Smart Development Environment for Eclipse” (http://www.visual-paradigm.com/product/sde/ec/), it’s not very comfortable to work - the interface reluctantly responds to all actions, I can’t say that it slows down, but the slight delay is annoying ... (I didn’t get to the functional, speed is more critical for me)

While stopped at SDE for Eclipse. - michael gold
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