What is an API and what is it for?

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Help me understand what an API is and how it helps to develop a website? I will be glad to hear comments both from the point of view of programmers and from the point of view of users.



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I'll just try:
The API for the site is a script (as a rule) that accepts requests (using the GET (site.ru/api.php?a=b), POST methods) and gives not ordinary HTML for browsers, but the result of the request in a specific format (XML , JSON, php serialize () - ed).
Accordingly, it is intended not for users, but for a script from a third-party site / service / program that sends these GET / POST requests, receives the result and somehow uses the data. Of course, he sends requests for a reason, and in order to perform a certain action (for example, how actions are performed by site users through a browser).

Programmer users need it to integrate with other sites / services with programs, or automate some actions by creating a program for your site. Accordingly, it is usually needed only very popular sites / services.
This is the answer I was looking for. Thank you very much!!! - ismail zahirovic
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What a mess! Here you can tell Vika what: ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/API

Yes, and how to eat google.com - he knows a lot of different answers to all sorts of cunning questions.

for users, the presence of the API is good because developers can write third-party applications for service - jc hamner
. Your link is longer than the description of the Web API (which was asked) on the wiki. (no offense) - heman
suddenly went before I wished, immediately after that I gave a normal link - alureq
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