Windows 7 - system takes port 80?

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I ran into a problem when Denver hadn’t started up at the start of Apache when he started saying that port 80 was busy. Denver moved to another port, but that's not the point.

netstat -ano says "TCP ESTABLISHED 4".

Port 60976 changes periodically and the process with pid 4 is system.exe.
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Actually, the question is: why does system.exe take port 80, and how to cure it?

Threat localhost:8080 is not happy :(

Upd: Sorry for the error, not System.exe, but just System.


You just need to transfer http.sys from IPv4 to IPv6
Wrote a short instruction
I have Windows 10, only this option helped, good luck to all! - c


to catch up with another version of the problem -
Although I checked it myself now - there is no such O_O - james layton
Thanks for the help, I found the solution link. - miina
Absolutely not;) - raffaela
You need to stop (disable) the service:

Web Publishing Service

Provides network connectivity and management with IIS Manager

Ports 80, 8080, etc. are freed.
helped thanks - lori cotton
+1 helped, thank you. after installing on windows 10 it was - soullldiva
+1 It helped on Windows 10 - jodie milne
+1 - fheim
on win 10 helped thanks - candy o
+1 Win 10 - emily jennings
Yes, it helps, but then the Print Manager does not start (( - lori widmer bean
melissa erb burgess
Disable from startup service:
 - Remote Agent Service for Microsoft Web Deploy 2.0;
 - Web Deployment Agent Service.

These are the components of the IIS server installed, for example, when using products from the Microsoft Web Platform.
Here is the true solution to this problem, which saves me already the 2nd time. Widows 8 64. - munling
bryna kranzler
I was stopped by the reporting service of the newly installed MSSQL server. He was also in processes as SYSTEM ID 4 and stupidly port 80 port.
I have the same misfortune. The service is called
"SQL Server Reporting Services (SQLEXPRESS)". - stefany
fern coon
& gt; & gt; why system.exe takes port 80
So that the virus could receive commands from the outside world.
& gt; & gt; and how to cure it
Cure the virus.

Take find where this System.exe lies and hit it
you can also use - hubert
agree with the above comrade - the simplest option is to do it, but I didn’t even think about it :) - alexandra roman
Just in Win systems there is no system.exe file;) - thundermusic
And I read the services.exe: D - ekta jolly
with this id4 db in the System process, perhaps the person meant it under System.exe;) - bill o connor
In fact, I made a mistake when I wrote System.exe. Actually System with 4 pid. - anne holcomb
then read above the options I have proposed, and may be appropriate =) - kitten2629
caila darche
Sometimes in Windows some service which occupies port 80 with the name System and Process ID = 4 is activated by default - it needs to be disabled through the registry. Run Regedit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ services \ HTTP and change the Start value to 0

I think it is possible and in Services (Win + R, services.msc) to disable the launch of the HTTP Client, Web Server, or whatever it is called.
This is exactly how the problem was solved, I wrote about it above. That's just the service was not enabled by default, but appeared, apparently, with some kind of system update, because there were no such problems before. - dejana
jan morrison
I want to tell you how I solved this problem. For all of the above did not help me.
I build winginx. Missing one day access at 80.

Opened the device manager. Chose the item "show hidden devices." Http device. And turned it off.
It all worked.

The process system has not gone away.
All that was proposed by the registry, did. But to no avail.
Thanks, it was only your decision that helped) - kelleyaurand
I support Dmitry :-) - bascha
You probably meant the device manager? There is no such device http - meakin armstrong
may not be. Dmitri was. - kristen roberts
anne m
There was the same problem, as it turned out on the 80th port hung skype.
A solution was found, but by the word: I will support. There is such a problem with Denver and Skype.
The author, for interest, check Skype - Settings - Additional - and somewhere here either “do not use port 80” checkbox, or vice versa, “use”. - likith
mandy forrest
Skype and team viewer, as I remember, can occupy port 80. It is removed in configs ...
nick senger

You just need to transfer http.sys from IPv4 to IPv6
Wrote a short instruction
I have Windows 10, only this option helped, good luck to all!
It is a pity that the link 2016-12-23 does not work :( - shelley wilemon
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