IE opens the site only the second time. What can be wrong?

Asked bykiera

Error "Internet Explorer cannot display this page."
When you try again to the site lets. link.


laith shaban
It's simple. This site is (apparently homemade) visitor counter. It records statistics, including from which browser people go. Well, after determining the browser (I believe the curve) crashes. The second time, thanks to cookies, the “what the browser” parsing mechanism does not turn on and the site opens.
The approximate error is in the file /includes/hits.php in lines after the 17th
Warning: Division by zero in / home / h13u1/public_html/includes/hits.php on line 16

If this is your site, then check the initialization of the variables, most likely the variable associated with the option of entering through the IE is not initialized, and then it is divided into it, that is, division by zero, which causes an error.
This is just an assumption, of course a mistake can be found in another place as well)
The only fact is that the problem is not with the client, but on the server. - saber
clark theriot
Maybe in the add-on problem? To check, launch the browser without them from the Start - Run - iexplore -extoff menu.
If the problem does not occur without add-ons, start the browser in normal mode and disable add-ons in the Tools menu & gt; Manage add-ons one at a time, restarting IE after each shutdown.

If the problem is not add-ons, try resetting your browser settings.
You see, on 4 computers checked. Everywhere is.
Try without a referral enter this address in the line. Surely you will be the same. - jdalbanese
geri ayn
My time response to this post is equal to the speed of IE.
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