Firefox 4 beta 4 and Tree Style Tab

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In the 4th beta, unfortunately, the above-mentioned addon stopped working. And almost all add-ons found or updates, or dev versions, or even third-party edits of add-ons, but, alas, I couldn’t do with Tree Style Tab. Maybe someone knows where to find the corrected version, please tell me. I understand that it is necessary to wait for the official update, but the developer has not released new versions since the beginning of August, I have not found an official forum either. Thank you)


matthew buell
and in the setting toolbar is it not?
I have Mozilla / 5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv: 2.0b4) Gecko / 20100818 Firefox / 4.0b4
oh, sorry not at all - suzy q
wil chung
khe-khe -
download any browser not related to firefox from page "Download Latest Version (via HTTP)" (or from the Mozilla) addon. Rename to zip. Unpack the zip, open the install.rdf file with a notepad, look for em at the end: maxVersion = "4.0b4pre" (if the version is lower, replace it with em: maxVersion = "4.0b4") and delete the pre. We save, pack, call xpi and happily set
Although we are not listening to my nonsense - some of the tabs have changed - so it’s just a godless bug, better to kick the author =)) - hardiansyah
In fact, you can install it anyway, beta has nothing against installing outdated versions, it just warns you that it may not work. The problem is that it doesn’t work. Interestingly, everything is fine in beta3, and as the developer claims, it even works in beta4pre ... Ok, you have to wait for the official release.
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