Organization of cables in the cross racks?

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Tell me, please, recommendations and standards (if any) on the proper organization of patch cords in switching racks. Now we have about 200 cables in each cross, no one knows cable management, it’s a real hell. Google unfortunately did not suggest anything.

Thank you in advance.

I can’t ask myself a question, so I’ll add (s) to this. I have all wires of the same length on the cross and with one-piece connectors 110m. I have long wanted to put things in order there, but I still can’t think of where to put the excess crossover cables ... Laying in a zigzag to the organizers is not an option, because it turns out neat porridge from the wires and pull one wire becomes problematic :-( - t


parto shahvandi
Disconnect everything one by one, rewriting port numbers at both ends, and then connect them back one by one, putting them neatly into the organizers. On each cabinet will take several hours. It is possible to use patch cords of different colors for the date and voice, for clarity, it is very convenient. Or for different vlan-s different colors - so it will be easier later to get the necessary devices. All IMHO
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Wait, I find a friend if I answer my question - drew davis That's beautiful)) - tom winterrose
See topics on the SCS on Habré (+ comments to them), for example, this:
Yes, I saw them, but it is not clear to me yet how to lay this bunch of wires so neatly. - allison chan
one by one is desirable and do not regret the organizers. - david a johnson
kelly seaman
The problem of a “beard” in a cross-country race usually occurs after repeated re-communications of patch cords, when you need to do it quickly and there is no time for beauty - as a result, after a while, you get a full scribe. At one point, in order to put everything in order, you just need to re-switch everything again, make up the switching table for the cross :) And even though it will eat quite a lot of time - the result is worth it. Color differentiation of patches is possible not only on the date and voice, in a 40+ unit closet 2 colors are not enough - you can make a division into floors, even / odd, etc., what fantasy is enough for, the main thing is to document and adhere to all this.
To hide the excess patches - on the sides of the racks we fastened quite large rings (for example, the Rittal rings: ), and from the patch panels on two sides, the layout of the organizers is standard. The most important thing is that the patch cords be numbered (we used the through numbering). - paula marshall
Still there are such complex solutions - - cayla
jc hamner
cabinet on how many units?
Now I do not remember exactly, I will look at work, somewhere between 35 and 40. - angelica
40 units. - raheel khan
here's a guy fussing - eve bender
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