MongoDB and OLAP

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It is required to perform OLAP data processing, build reports, apply various data mining methods (build decision trees, perform clustering, etc.) according to the available information about the company's customers. I read about mongodb - it lures me with its simplicity, the ability to map / reduce (I think this will greatly facilitate the construction of all kinds of reports), scalability, but since I never had anything to do with it, I ask for advice, is it worth it for the required tasks?


At the moment, I have not found such tools for it (although I, too, would not have prevented). If OLAP is important to you - you do not need mongo. Olap is by definition for structured data (description of measurements, for example), while the main plus of Mongi is its “dynamism”. Scaling, map-reduce is perfectly implemented with traditional SQL solutions.
betty hafner
for example: mdx on mongodb
those. you can use Pentho - but you should pay attention that in fact it is the ability to build analytically MDX queries to the Mongo repository. Performance is already a research question.
There is still exotic bime and other
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