Windows 7 and DHCP

Asked byliz gonzalez

For a long time I can not understand the reason for the problem with DHCP in the seven.
I have an Asus wl500gp router and it always (!!) gives the computer an ip-address of, not 1.5 or 1.10, namely 1.253
Today they brought me the DIR-320 and I cannot configure it, problems with DHCP, when I automatically get the address, we again get the ill-fated and after 30 seconds the address changes to something like
Help defeat the problem.

Removed bonjour - did not help - debbie parsloe
and you can have more information about your routers, provider and so on. About the router I would like screenshots with checkmarks. Where and what are the costs. But it turns out it is not clear what, it is not clear where, it is not clear why in the end: ( - siouxsie
A router with factory settings, the admin password is not even set yet. - peder
I want to understand exactly why the computer always takes for itself - katherine fitzgerald
This is another nuance.
On the WL500-gp I set the scope of the DHCP addresses Computer still gets 1.253
In the section Status & Log / DHCP Leases the computer is not displayed at all. - lucid strike


susan terry
Before using the d-link, even if it is new, it is better to do 30 + 30 + 30 cuts - turn on the power, wait a minute until it boots, hold down cuts, after 30 seconds pull out the power, after 30 insert it back, after 30 let go of cuts .

Treated in such a way, the shoals spontaneously arising a couple of times with the non-functioning of the internal DNS, on other issues can also help.
helped - jeff rensch
naser panjepoor
Maybe I did not understand the question, but why in Win7 link I don’t have a static ip. Of course, from the range that is set in the LAN settings in the modem ( usually)
p.s: as the main gateway and dns: - asha galindo
* in the router - nithya
This option is suitable, but I also want to find the reason for this computer behavior. - shannon gray
Today they brought me the DIR-320 and I cannot configure it, problems with DHCP, when I automatically receive the address, we get again the ill-fated 192.168. 1.253 and after 30 seconds the address changes to something like
Help defeat the problem.
An address of type 169. bla-bla-bla means that the DIR-320 does not give your computer IP via DHCP, or give it, but your computer does not.
See dir-320 settings. Most likely the problem is in it.
DIR-320 is completely unconfigured (out of the box as they say) - sean bottai
mizuki lee
previous commentator rights. But only the address should be in the range of - Windows itself takes an address from this range if it cannot get a normal one from the settings / network.
Thus, this is not necessarily the problem of the router - maybe something is wrong with Windows.
Look at the error log Windows, if there are network errors - take the error code and google it. Perhaps the DHCP service in Windows does not work correctly.
marlizette badenhorst
And what do you want to achieve? Maybe it's easier to prescribe a specific IP by MAC address?
I want to ensure that the router can give the computer the address of its subnet, and the seven did not put the addresses themselves what they want. For this reason, I can not configure the DIR-320.

If I prescribe a specific IP by MAC address, 1.253 is hung all the time - trevor mccue
bethany hansom
Try changing the dhcp range so that the maximum is less than 253
there was a problem when whist could not get the address from the dhcp access point of the tsisco, was treated by editing the registry, read this article -
network wired? this happens because the computer cannot reach the dhcp server at all.
on ddinka in the advanced section - & gt; dhcp turn it on.
* d-link - bill hughes
ana ibarra
So this is normal. There, like dnsmasq is used, it has some sort of distribution algorithm. I assign the first computer, the second, and so on. It is a pseudo-domain domain, or it simply does not work correctly, I don’t know the reason, probably something like a kernel without rtc, but this pseudo-brand for sid takes time.
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