Increasing delays when logging in via ssh in ubuntu server

Asked bylucy mensah

Noticed in version 8.10, now here at 9.10 the same story. Immediately after installing the OS, login via ssh happens instantly. But then each time more and more. What is the reason for this?

I want to clarify that the delay after entering the correct password.


usedns no
something like this. Well, fix problems with DNS.
mitch johnston
server under load? look htop
It seems like a lot of the processor when login is eating landscape-sysin - tara gauthier
kristle heald
And he is not trying to determine your host by DNS? I remember in FreeBSD for a long time it came from the locale, until I registered the host / or disconnected it. I don’t remember already Ubunt
lynda schaepfer
when logging in via ssh always displays how many updates are waiting for installation. Maybe this is the case?
chandra snowleo
Most likely, long rezolvit dns. Try direct access by IP
Try direct access over IP It does not help.
The delay with the resolution of the names there is not on the client side, but on the server side. The default SSH server tries to resolve the IP address of the connecting client to the host name, it does so through the reverse DNS zone (in particular, in order to write the host name in the log of connections, not the IP address).

If there is no corresponding record of the IP address of the connecting client in the reverse DNS zone or problems with access from the SSH server to the DNS, then there will be delays in connecting until the allotted timeout for IP resolution in the name passes.

Therefore, either correctly configure DNS with records in the reverse zone for client machines, or refuse to use it by the SSH server for name resolution. - olea
If the ip is static, why not just write it in the hosts? - penner
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