What is the Android API to use to get data about available base stations?

Asked bystirling miller

Here Google Maps determines the position, even when the GPS is turned off. Obviously, somehow on base stations. Can it get the current stations available and place the phone at their intersection? But how to do it in my program on Android. For example, if you need to get a list of stations, which API should you use? What can be obtained from them (number, name)? Thank!

is aGPS - william wherry
No, this is not A-GPS. A-GPS uses the Internet to get GPS almanacs to speed up the cold start of GPS. In this case, the type of Internet connection is unimportant, you can also via Wi-Fi.
The question is about positioning without GPS. - marinka


At link, the process of determining a user's location is very well described.
dave brown
If WiFi is on, it's not about the BS;) Otherwise, it looks like Cell-ID.
This is understandable. And how to get it? How to determine the available base stations and the level of their signal, for example? Is it even possible in principle on the phone with android? - mai mostafa
Probably this or something next to this: developer.android.com/reference/android/telephony/NeighboringCellInfo.html - rebecca glennon
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