How to embed music from VK to your website?

Asked byleigh statham

Tell me, please, how can you embed a player from your contact or any other JavaScript, Flash or Html 5 player on your website to play the specified track from VKontakte?


aria sharma
Or if there is no desire to understand, link has an API.
krezia hanna
Only one track?
Open the inspector, select the network, click to play the track (in VK) and get a link to it.
Then any player (already on the site) add src to it.
If you need to organize a player with direct search, etc. then we use the VK API, like
This will not work, because the links to the .mp3 that VK gives are tied to an IP address, they won't work for other people. - hanif
And so true.
Then only API like - uditha
API VK to take the link and do a retransmission through your server.
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