Database Designer, with good visualization and work with the database?

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It is interesting to find out which programs are created today, and how many buns which one of them has, the main criteria, not many of them, visualization of the base model, direct work from the model to the base itself (not like in MySQL Workbench, where the model goes like one project , and another one works with the base), well, MySQL or PostgereSQL support.


victoria carter
DbVisualizer - as the name implies, can draw a model well. Works with all databases that have a JDBC driver. Tabular data editor and models, query builder, sql monitor, autocomplete editor and stuff like that. Actually, all my work with databases is happening only in it.
Among the shortcomings, font smoothing does not work in the sql editor :), I don’t really remember anything else.
greg dundulis
I use EMS products (EMS Mysql manager 2010, EMS MSSQL Manager 2008). Convenient work with sql queries, syntax highlighting, a visual database editor, exporting to a huge variety of formats, creating a dump, visualizing table data in several modes and much more.
If we are talking not only about free ones, then there is still such a serious decision as Oracle BI:
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james jandebeur
To design the database, we use Toad Data Modeller version 2.25. Version 3. + they messed up, unfortunately (although others think otherwise :). In version 2.25, the normal interface draws a good link.
To work with the database - SQL EMS Manager, better, perhaps, did not see.
I have so far found only one solution for building diagrams using DDL or connecting to a database - this is DbSchema -
True, on request, for some reason, he didn’t stretch all of my connections (PostgreSQL), but there was another option - connecting to the database. I executed this request, on creation of the scheme, was connected, and it is ready! Then it remains only to arrange the rectangles with the tables in the way that suits you best. There is an export to pictures and even to vector svg more suitable for printing. And in order for SVG to be added to Word, it needs to open Incsckape and save the emf or as large as it is necessary with PNG transparency.
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