A few words about SIPRNet?

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 - In the light of all the hype around Wikileaks, I decided to learn a little more about how and from where these documents were stolen. It is known that the USA invests astronomical sums in its information security, the more surprising is such a puncture. All documents posted on Wikileaks, addressed in a specially created for this purpose closed network called SIPRNet. To my surprise, on Habré, I found just one mention of it, and then in the comments. I decided to fill this gap, having collected in a single overview article for Habr the information on SIPRNet that I managed to google. Information about this network, I must say, is not much, and the one that is often varies greatly, depending on the source.

So, the SIPRNet (Secret Internet Protocol Router Network) is a closed computer network created in the early 1990s by American experts to exchange secret information between state and military structures.

The network is collectively managed by four agencies of the United States Department of Defense:
Communications and Electronics Administration Joint Staff Committee (Joint Staff J-6 communications-electronics)
National Security Agency )
Defense Intelligence Agency.
Defense Information Systems Agency.
All four agencies are to some degree responsible for maintaining the stable operation of SIPRNet. In addition, on their basis, an Accreditation Working Group was created, which decides who should be given access to SIPRNet, and from whom to take it away.



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