Advise a good book (books) on the design of software architecture. Beginner-intermediate level

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Advise books on software design. While I read S. McConnell "Perfect Code" - I feel little ... I am more interested in designing in the field of web programming, but in general I will not give up more abstract and non-technology-related tips.


pat allen
link Mastkhev, as they say
where else to get it, I have long wanted to read :) - steven jamal
And why is ozon not really comfortable? I only buy books there. - robin romero
Excellent, I started reading this book. On the table of contents - what I need. Let's look at the content. - hannah vandeveire
This is far from the initial level, and it is written in such a language that it is difficult to force yourself to delve into it. The book is probably already for professionals, although I don’t argue that it is a classic. - josh keller
This has already been mastered, at least I try not to forget about the recommendations of this book. I have it practically desktop. - siddharth desai
Just yesterday bought the same. Yes, the book is written in a rather non-simple language, but the one who thinks about the software architecture should already know something - serina
megan hardee
Head first Design Patterns I really liked. I sometimes look to check the knowledge of templates
jayne capps
Successful software design is possible under the following 3 basic conditions:
1. Knowledge of UML
2. Knowledge of Patterns (Design and Software)
3. Possession of special design tools.
Listed in order of mastering.
In my opinion, the book link can be considered very successful on this topic.
Brad. Knowledge of UML does not help design at all.
Cognitive processes are not accelerated in any way from knowing the details of the UML syntax.

The fruits of the cognitive process can be written in any form, and UML is just one in a million. Often, people come up with their own ML - muhammad amiruddin
carly bowden
I will add that I personally helped (that is, I remember):

 - Fowler, Scott UML. The basics.

 - Nilsson. Application of DDD and design patterns.
derklbot rosenstrauch
In addition to the design patterns, link will go well.
Regarding the patterns, there is the site, they also have a book on patterns. Examples are not always well-matched, but on the whole, everything is described in a fairly simple language, and if Gang of Four is hard, then you can try to deal with this book.
With Gang of Four, everything is fine, I forgot to bring it in question. - morris
These are not books, but these online resources can also be useful:  link  link
Core J2EE Patterns - corrina lawson
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