When do you educate yourself?

Asked byosirus

As a novice programmer, it became interesting how more experienced colleagues combine work, professional development and personal life.


When there is time at work, but there is no work, then I self-image;)
kelsey thomas
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I was thinking about this, but there were too many options for polling. - charlotte wells
During working hours (when free) + when I get and come back from work. On the day, about 2 hours is spent on self-education.
ian brewer
When there comes a conscious need for self-formation and time appears.
vicky swinney
When I do not sleep, because From any information that goes to the brain, you can get useful information for yourself.
Self-education, I do _vsegda_…
Every day I learn something new (even if not interesting) ...
Work makes ...
That is not within the scope of my professional activity,
I don’t bother ...

And yet xn__p2a is right according to the place and form
tracey risebrow
Sometimes there are projects for work, the technologies of which I don’t know completely. We take, in passing, we understand, we do. As a rule, the designer draws another cool feature, and we twist it out.
Or the customer wants such things and asks if it is possible. I take note of what was in demand, and I teach gradually.
The next customer can already get what he wanted. So I studied node.js
sam brown
I ride in a bus with a book. The end of the bus route (more precisely, several) is close enough to my place of residence and work (one edge - to work, the other - to MF, of course). Because I can often go sitting and reading. Plus, I try to single out a special day of the week - for self-education (of course, not all - a few hours after work in the evening).
carl bronson
Always, if there is time for this)
rebecca scott
Before, after and during breakfast.
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