Are there normal translations of the book Thinking in Java?

Asked bylindsey hawes

Particularly interested in the 4th edition. Saw the 4th edition from the publishing house "Peter" - it is terrible. Maybe there is some kind of re-release? And if you read the previous editions, how is it with the translation and are they very outdated?


information flashed somewhere that even some chapters were cut out in the Russian edition, I don’t know if it’s true or not. I personally read the original and have no problems with understanding, even though not 100% vocabulary.
Sorry - this is true. Moreover, the fourth edition in Russian is almost half the volume. - maria elena sullivan
I myself asked this question some time ago; there are no normal translations. In those that are, there are a lot of shoals and the material is cut down. The following chapters are missing from the original: Strings, Containers, Enum types, Annotations, Concurency, GUI, and there seems to be no examples. So it's better to have the original, kill two of them at once, pull up your language skills and java.
Yet you are right, you have to read the original, and at the same time thereby replenishing vocabulary.
it is better to read the originals by the fact that they come out much earlier (and there are not so many good Russian authors). - anuja
melanie baker
Hardly ... The third edition also with a terrible translation. Maybe you should learn English? (if mastering conversational speech, then it will take a lot of time, but in order to read English books you need to know the basics of grammar and stupidly stuff vocabulary ..)
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