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Asked byjimmy cornillez

Why sometimes you hover your mouse over to become a rating, a dash pops up with the number of voters, and very many articles have not whole values ​​there. Type - 7.5 pluses, 3.5 minus. How can a person vote?


constance scharff
Half appears when someone presses not the arrows of a vote, but the space between them, to say "I abstain from voting, I just want to see the rating". Then to the pluses and minuses added by 0.5.
& gt; Half of them appear when someone presses not the arrows of a vote, but the space between them

Not someone else, but the observer himself has just voted for “see rating”.
And this is not a feature, but a display bug. If you clicked between the arrows to see the current rating, and after seeing the cursor: "7.5 pluses, 3.5 minus", then after refreshing the page you will see 7 pluses and 3 minuses, i.e. buggy halves disappear after refreshing. - djm meltzer
marisa mcclellan
In the past, the amount of karma (marching into + or -) depended on the “weight” of the person voting.
Now they have already moved away from this (seemingly), but fractional karmas remain.
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