NET. WebBrowser Control and StatusCode

Asked byangie sell

Tell me how to get StatusCode using standard WebBrowser control?

I need to handle situations when Response is not “200 OK”.
The only thing I found was this property StatusText, which is unclear what it means and what values ​​it takes (I saw, for example, “Done” and & quot; & quot; - empty line)

Maybe from the control you can somehow pull out the HttpWebResponse object?


This I saw. I do not see a solution there. Maybe not looking there. - geophile - statuses are registered there. See the table. Continue Equivalent to HTTP status 100 ...
Also, there is a suggestion to take the status as int and get 200. - jackye
The StatusCode property belongs to the HttpWebResponse object.
I have nowhere to take it.
In mana and written: - florish
HttpWebResponse httpRes = (HttpWebResponse) httpReq.GetResponse ();
I do not want to make an extra http request. - david ebben
Soon we will have to do this in one project. Interested.
Found: (VS.80) .aspx
I tried.
It worked out.
True statuses are not exactly http come, but you can definitely understand what happened. (v = VS.85) .aspx
So, you can not think of how to write a Request, and then feed the text to the control.

If interested, I can send a working example. - ben ihloff
Thank you, with an example it is always good :) - mel2 ward
And where to send? - caitlin boyd
can be posted here, you can piterforman at - amy bartelloni
here. - fhris
joshua fialkov
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