Is there an analog kickstarter or similar projects in runet?

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alexispauline - 3 link above

In general, of course, the question arises: why the hell did you throw this sheet here?
so people can understand what I'm looking for - leily khatibi
you better in the case of a black thread say - david borum

The first page of Google search - marina adams
Considering that RuNet in its development lags behind the world Internet by a couple of years, the answer will be this: they will be soon.
meghan lusk
I think the problem is in payment. It’s hard to make a really convenient (in one click) payment for something in Rashka.
Do you think we rarely give danite money due to being greedy? Sometimes it is just too lazy / incomprehensible to pay by going through a bunch of passwords and registrations / authorizations
renata mcadams
The most adequate, apparently, is BoomStarter. Now we are just promoting link on it.
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