From which book to start learning Java?

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Please advise a book for a beginner.


Thinking in Java. Be careful with translations
How is it compared to the works of Horstmann and Cornell? I started with them, in Russian, I still read faster. - adlin
I started with Horstman and friends advised. Goon was not. Recommend. - kibbie jensen
And who can do without transfers - you link Only need to register. A free account allows you to download two books at a time every two days. You can subscribe weekly for announcements of new products.
And the first thing to download is Java - look for the words "SCJP", "effective java 2nd", "thinking in java 4th". - john dorcey
mark r
I stopped at this set:
 - the above mentioned Thinking in Java 4th edition
 - Prentice.Hall.Effective.Java.2nd.Edition - contains useful tips not to learn from your mistakes
 - and, of course,
shruti raghu
What do you think of Kay Horstmann's two-volume book, Gary Cornell
Core Java: Volume I - Fundamentals
Core Java: Volume II: Advanced Features?
A good thing, but I would read it from the end, to be honest. - julie golob
Rather, a directory that does not stint on examples. - myra rose
I do not know, I do not know. The first part chews up very well, so IMHO is not rational to read from the end from scratch. I know several people who read Java (non-programmers profile, studied in Finland) and recommended this particular book as a study guide. he himself also started with it, sort of as quite satisfied. In general, I see no reason not to read, rather the opposite: D - cathy andrews
harpreet chima
I would recommend starting Java learning from here: The Java Tutorials. And from the books, I advise you to read the specification.
sam anderson
You can see Stanford University Programming link, which is given with examples in java. He reads very perky, jolly professor =) I watched with pleasure!

P.S. True, you need to know English ...
thanks. there is even a link to torrents. - rego hemia
kelly c
It depends on what your goals are. Just kill time? Is Java fashionable? Become a Java EE Special? Java SE? Write your desktop program? Have a nice time? Write a toy for a mobile phone? Java is immense, there are many, many good books on it.
I read Monakhov, link, understanding little in the PLO. Everything is clear, the book gives a general idea of ​​everything.
Very, I strongly advise you to start with link. Then I advise you to read about link.
And, it is still useful to read the guidelines to prepare for SCJP. More capaciously and in the business than there is no guide to find. - mike mullen
It is only necessary to keep in mind that the above pattern book contains their implementations in C ++, not in Java, however this is not a minus. - tiffani clinger
GoF ("gang of four", a book that is on patterns), even in some new books on php mentioned. Classic - kamas kirian
I fully confirm the words about the guide for preparing for the SCJP. Awesome book. Orange edition came out in Russian. And, although there is 1.4, it is still very relevant. I have not seen a better textbook. - rachael uggla
Personally, I don’t consider GoF to be the best pattern book, for Java, say, Mark Grand, Design Patterns in Java, would be more convenient. - e ashman
Mark Grand could already become obsolete (?),

and here at
Design Patterns in Java by Steven Metsker, William Wake
Published April 18th 2006
rating is still higher - aman3h
stephanie tillman
Javascript | Flanagan D. | O'RELLY
I apologize, blunted, this is by Javascript - philip copley
j l ficks
From the book “Programming in Scala” ;-)
I started with
Herbert Schildt Complete Java Reference: The Complete Reference
Then I read Joshua Bloch - Effective_Java - I did not find the latest edition in Russian.

Also, then I recommend reading
Goetz B., Peierls T., Bloch J.-Java Concurrency in Practice - daniel cardoso balieiro
chris packham
I’ll add the manuals mentioned in the comments to prepare for SCJP. He himself taught + received a certificate. The following tests will help put into practice Programming Guide to Java ™ Certification,
emily horan
A: A Comprehensive Primer, Second Edition
+ google and specification in especially tricky places

Thinking in Java about 2 times thicker, and this (IMHO) due to water. If Java is not the first language, it does not make sense.
tahli kouperstein
Oh, cool question. Just started to learn Java in the university.
lisa rosen
View abstracts and presentations of the courses of the Academy of Modern Programming: link and link
David Evk. Introduction to Programming Using Java, Fifth Edition - For absolute beginners, in my opinion, the very thing, although there are some annoying moments. True to English. - jab bullough
The Java Language Specification
P.S. joke - malin
linda strawn
It is also very useful to connect the javadocs API to your development environment.
For example, Eclipse / RAD, if online, by default climb on for help with Shift + F2. If it is offline, it can be connected through the main settings to JREs in one fell swoop, or through the project settings in the library (for example, for non-JRE libraries).
And - always on hand help API. Often more effective books.
robi banerjee
Java Programming for Kids, Parents and Grandparents
by Yakov Fain
mohammad ali rahebi
All of these higher-listed books, perhaps not at all, will be complicated. And enough persistence is required.

The most introductory course in Java is the perfect tutorial + practical tasks for this is - Learn Java C. Sierra and B. Bates!
jon stephen stansel
can be
Herbert Shieldt Java 8 - & gt; A guide for beginners (but a lot of water) - I’m finishing it and I will switch to Ekkel
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