What system of control over work and bugs to choose?

Asked bymilan shoukri

I and my partners often work as freelancers to create small sites. After the development period, a testing period follows, and then the site is transferred to the “combat” server. But even after the full launch of the site, sometimes bugs are found and / or the client wants some new feature. I would like to organize a web-interface, where the client could look at how many percent we completed the feature requested by him and / or could add a bug to the bug list for us to fix. Which CMS is suitable for this?

I used evernote with ticks for this purpose, and received data in the form of e-mails. But when there were several developers and projects being developed simultaneously, it became very confused. I want something like BugZilla'y, but not so "fat", and with a simpler functional. - m


Redmine (http://www.redmine.org/)
Vote for Redmine! Very convenient bugtracking system, which even your customers will understand. - michael fitzgerald
+1 and can be integrated with SVN - kristen daniels
+1 to redmine. You can also integrate with git. Here is my process.novgorodwebdev.org/ - stayton
For it, there is a plugin for connecting xmpp notifications. A pretty useful thing as email notifications sometimes annoy when there are a lot of them. True, it works strange and somehow with glitches, but nonetheless. - rajeev
emily jane young
Can be integrated with svn. - eazpiazu
the same situation (freelance), Mantis love and indispensable. - agustina
What are the advantages of integrating Mantis with SVN? - amin
dan cote
Try Cohuman, save some time ...
lisa kay misitrano
GIT - my version is
I support, if the project open source can be used github there and bugtracking. and time management, and kontrolversion of itself) - nikki hill
forgot, for a coin you can make a closed repository) - bryarly
d0z, and by default in Gihab open repositories? - vanessa
There at creation it is selected, it will be open, or closed. - emiliana
https://www.assembla.com/ allows you to create closed Git repositories for free - michael deangelis
lisa mccann
, I’m working with the trac, working with SVN
after git, svn is wretched, and for command development it is very difficult in terms of management. - jennifer hess
IMHO, you just do not know how to cook it. Git has its advantages, SVN has its own and I would not be so categorical. - jonny illuminati
, 159514, 1976, 1576144123, I’m working with the trac is convenient, I work with SVN
This is heavy artillery :) It is hardly necessary for two freelancers. - kelly wiggains
2m freelancers it will cost only $ 10 - anome
vicky delgado
, 1514951439, 1876014123, I’m working with the SVN 98794525941239, 381495, 4176954143, I work with the trac, I’m working with SVN 98794525941239, 417695, 1576144143, I’m working with the svn 98794525941239, 381495, 1876144123, I’m working on the trac. It is quite simple and is written in PHP + Smarty + MySQL, so it is easy to finish it to fit your needs.
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