How much can an experienced web developer get today?

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What are the salaries today experienced freelance web developers? Without money from their possible startups, just working for customers.
How much is it possible to earn by working almost around the clock like this?

Why do you need the average temperature in the hospital? Refine your qualifications: work experience, language, etc. Do you consider permanent remote work, or only pure freelance? - bill lavender
Experience: at least 2-3 years, the ability to develop large and ordinary projects. Language - any, necessary for the absolute majority of customers, usually php / python / ruby. I would like to know about the permanent remote and pure freelance. - ally t
$ 40 per hour. New York. Java - debra l


andrew gustafson
Multiply the rate of $ 20 per hour by the number of working hours. Effectively the programmer can work about 8 hours a day. 160 dollars a day. $ 3800 a month in a well-proven developer with a bunch of customers.
However, constantly available orders are rare. Therefore, a person can spend half the time searching for orders and competing - there are also those who are willing to work for $ 15 than to “stand idle”.
Hourly fee in freelancing? .. Usually there is a project / site with a fixed price and terms, which it is desirable not to break. And then on the skills, speed of work, prepared templates and other things depends. - kristin josti
It all depends on how you cooperate with the customer. It can be as well as a fixed payment, and hourly. - mckenna
mihaela alsamadi
working around the clock you can earn only a ticket to fool.
working on freelance alone - it all depends on your ability to sell, but freelancing only if you can earn more or as much as in the office.
in the office it depends on the country, in Minsk the NORMAL programmer is at least 1k, in Kiev a little more, in St. Petersburg 1.5-2k, in Moscow from 2k. The upper limit does not depend on programmer qualities, but there are 3-4k people if you are well-versed in business processes or heylods, then even more.
Hmm, in provincial Cherkassy (Ukraine) in the region of 1K and more salaries were not uncommon, now I don’t know. True, this information is pre-crisis and slightly near the crisis.

Well, the projects for which such salaries were voiced speak for themselves about themselves, for example, Ucoz :) Although we were looking for perlovik for ~ 1K to one of the outsourcing companies.

But in general, an ordinary salary is somewhere around 600-800.

Regarding the choice of freelancing, only if you can earn as much or more than on a permanent basis - often freelancing is not chosen because of the salary. And because of the feeling of freedom. Often the freedom to sit locked up in 4 walls. :) - shoaib
a sense of freedom - this is when I worked for 8 hours and went home or walking with a girl. on freelance you are the slave of the customer and the project means too much. in more cities, you can easily find a free schedule on the principle of 40 hours a week at any convenient time, while you get a social package and no responsibility for the result - this is FREEDOM, because the uncle pays, the uncle is responsible. - dayana
miranda fontenot
If you choose what to do in the future and earn a decent life, then do not choose programming only because of possible earnings. To be a successful programmer (web developer) you need to be a fan of it. This is, to some extent, a lifestyle. If you do not get high from the process, it is unlikely that you will succeed in achieving anything. This probably applies to almost all areas, but to programming in particular.

A web developer can get as many as you want. From working bydlokoderom for food, to create a successful startup and sell it for 100500 thousand millions. And not only experience and qualifications are important here.
dixie johnson
Working around the clock you will earn 0.

And so ... an experienced web developer and an experienced freelancer are two big differences. Since The main problem in freelancing is to find a customer, and then also get money from him for the project. Making the project itself is much simpler ^^ Yes, and the price in 90% of cases depends on "how you agree."

Monthly income from 0 to 5000. Approximately.
In my opinion, the problem of finding an order is only at the beginning of a freelance career. Then there are regular customers who, with a good deal, are lining up. - sarah dopp
If a person asks the question “what are the salaries of freelancers” - then he is a beginner. - sara russ
So it's not about whether the vehicle is a beginner or not. And the fact that there are no special problems to find customers. - hemen samadi
From zero to infinity, it all depends on chance and luck.
patricia marshall
Moscow ~ 100k
brian prentiss
You know, this is a ghost question. Web developer - web developer is different. Depends on the classification, skills, experience. On average, a good developer in Moscow receives from 50,000 and more.
jill robi
We must first determine what an experienced web developer is.
What technology knows how many projects successfully (!) Did and they work.
meenakshi ray
Working around the clock - you can earn a bunch of diseases, in the end, for money, the bottom line will also have a minus.

The question was initially incorrectly posed.
40 $ per hour. New York. Java

Sorry, missed the form.
Are you Junior Developer? - monstor
Why Junior? - valeri
No, I work in an office. This is my java neighbor writing from home freelancing. I was interested in him. Here you need to know a lot of nuances to be a successful freelancer. If someone is interested, you can try to search on There are come across very profitable offers. - natalie williams
honestly speaking, you discouraged me a little, I thought that in America, the rates on programmers above Junior start from $ 50. - katherine p
So it is. But this is in the office, but the question is about freelancers. - torey
raphaella pereira
depending on what this developer does and what knowledge he has. If the usual work on the orders / freelancing in the CIS from about 0 to $ 5000. And if this developer works for himself, he knows Inglish and a wide profile specialist (he can create, maintain, promote and fill sites of various subjects), then one can earn tens of thousands a month on all kinds of adsense, kopecks, etc. Look at the YouTube video of the type of this
jennifer dopazo
Minsk. 40 per hour Shhh, I’ve already left for me.
michael keeling
A sane perl developer in Moscow on a permanent basis - from 75k and above, the ceiling usually depends not only / so much on the level of sanity, but on the employer's generosity.
A, hell, overlooked that we are talking about freelancing. Sorry if not the topic. - eugenia andino
sandra teo
php in the office from 3-4 years experience 700-900 rubles per hour + all sorts of buns from the employer.
josh j
On average, I did less than in the office.
Freelancer earnings depends on the location of the customer. In your city is easier to find. If you find a permanent customer in the US / Europe, you can earn good money) It depends on your acquaintance, knowledge of English and experience.
I don’t know for the web .. but mobile development 3000ui cues
sobbsna - thea respicio
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