Anti-flood (DDoS) attacks on phone numbers?

Asked bygina gabrielle

I often see on Habré (and other resources too) questions how to counteract telephone DDoSy (attacks in which the victim’s phone number receives a significant number of calls from different numbers, which makes it impossible to use the telephone connection from the attacked number).

I wanted to clarify with a respected community if the service to protect against such a phenomenon would be in demand, are you ready to use such a service, what price do you think it should be?

Please also indicate, if you please, the country in which you are interested in such services.

I think that it is not worth creating a habratopic for this, so I create it in “questions and answers”.


yogesh rana
At the moment, to me personally - such a service is not interesting, but I would just go to a note and bookmark it.
RF. Payment by the hour will be the best option, kmc, price - depending on the level of attack.
jim o
1. Well, many will remember, but will take advantage only when the problem appears in person. And now there are few 2. I think that many private owners are cheaper and easier to change the number than to pay at least some big money. But for companies - yes, it can be profitable. Offhand, from $ 1,000 a month.
3. Private owners will demand more spam sms filtering service. And it is the service, not just the program. At $ 30 a month - many will give. At $ 5 per month - there will be a total blockage.
And most importantly, the peak of demand will be in the next 2-3 years.
musubi bunny
Thank you, then we will not spend resources to work in this direction in the near future, because there are a lot of other projects.
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