Advise material on OpenSSL

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Advise at least any book on OpenSSL. Manual is written in the form of a disgusting reference reference.


Start with link. Although an article is too old, but the basics tells well.
Thank you, for the basics of working with the command line - that's it. Another would be to find a good material on the API ... - pelephant
and here you will not find more detailed information than link, kmk. - ashley davisson
As a replacement docks (in which much is simply missed), I recommend
The translated version is not found;)
Plus samples from OS programs.
Thank you, I will definitely find it. English is not a problem. This plus I found “SS L_And_TLS_Essentials _-_ Securing_The_Web_2000” solves my question as a whole. - yelena zhelezov
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